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5 things our property expert tips share before purchasing a property in Cambodia:

1. ” 不要依赖社交媒体或在线信息。 亲自参观这个地方,感受一下周围的环境,并特别注意社区。”

“Don’t rely on social media or online info. Visit the place for yourself and get a feel for the surroundings and pay particular attention to the community.”

“几乎是因为我自己喜欢房子本身,就差错买了房,我甚至放下了订票费和一切,甚至没有去看社区。但是好事是我和我的朋友一起去了该地区 ,而我们发现前往最近的杂货店和便利设施确实很不方便。

“I almost made the mistake of buying a property just because I liked the home itself, I even put down the booking fee and everything without even bothering to look at the community. But good thing I went for a drive with my friend around the area, and we discovered that getting around to the nearest grocery store and amenities were really inconvenient. there is a high tension cable tower nearby & the access to the developments goes through a slum area and homeless area nearby.”

因此,我最终没有购买该特定物业。 几年后,经过大量研究,我终于找到了我喜欢的房屋,这是因为它的设计,因为它处于一个很好的社区,和周围的环境。”

So I ended up not buying that particular property. A couple years later, after a lot of research, I finally found a home that I love because of its design because it’s in a great neighbourhood, with a wonderful community and surrounding environment.”

2. “如果您打算最终定居下来并在那里建立家庭,请看看附近的学校!”

“If you are planning to eventually settle down and start a family there, look at the nearby schools!”

“当我购买公寓时,我的儿子只是个婴儿,学校似乎是一个遥不可及的事件。但是7年过去了,发展很快,我们发现最近的学校并不如我们所希望的那样好。所以我们实际上结束了 为我的孩子搬到更好的学区。

“When I bought my condo, my son was just a baby and school seemed like such a faraway event. But 7 years go by really fast and we discovered that the nearest school wasn’t as good as we had hoped. So we actually ended up moving to a better school district for my kiddo.

即使您尚未结婚或不打算生孩子,也最好去良好的学区,尤其是对国际学校感兴趣的时候。 这使以后出租和出售财产变得更加容易。”

Even if you aren’t married or aren’t planning to have kids, it’s a good idea to look at good school districts, especially if you’re interested in international schools. It makes renting out and selling your property much easier later.”

3. “请注意其他费用,例如律师费,财产税,水电费和维修费”

“Be aware of hidden expenses such as lawyer fees, property taxes, utilities, and maintenance”

“如果您长期租房,可能不会意识到实际拥有房产所带来的所有’卧铺费用’。除了抵押贷款外,您还需要注意其他费用,例如房产税, 实用程序,维修和保养。

“If you’ve been renting for a long time, you may not realise all the ‘sleeper costs’ that come with actually owning a property. On top of your mortgage payment, you need to be aware of other expenses such as property taxes, utilities, repairs, and maintenance that the developer doesn’t tell you.

4. “永远不要基于情感来购买房产”

“Never buy a property based on emotion”

“我最好的建议是了解您的情绪和本能之间的区别。我的妻子倾向于迷恋油漆的颜色和布局以及漂亮的砖墙。我的意思是,它们看起来不错,但您必须考虑整体价值。如果 根据情绪购买,最终会伤心欲绝。

“My best advice is to know the difference between your emotions and instincts. My wife has a tendency to obsess with paint colours and layouts and pretty brick walls. I mean, they look nice but you have to look at the overall value. If you buy based on emotions, you’ll end up getting your heart broken.

5. “不要低估位置的重要性”

“Don’t underestimate the importance of location”

“确保上下班是一个重要因素,但比这更重要的是您的家庭。您的工作场所可能是临时的,但房子是您家庭长期定居的地方。您肯定想要它 在舒适的区域内,不仅方便,而且附近有很多便利设施,将使其成为理想的住宿地点。”

“Sure the commute to and back from your office is an important factor, but more important than that is your family. Your workplace could be temporary, but a home is somewhere your family will settle down in for a long period. You definitely want it to be in a comfortable area that’s not only convenient but also has lots of nearby amenities that will make it the ideal place to stay.”

如果您担心并不确定从哪里开始寻找,北园公寓是一个理想的住所。 这是北园成为您最佳公寓的7件事

If you’re worried and not sure where to start looking, NorthPark Condominium is a perfect home to consider. Here are 7 things why North park is the Best Condo for you

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